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After the recent achievement of a Master’s Degree in "Global Journalism and Public Relations" at Coventry University (UK), I’m seeking an opportunity to collaborate as a journalist with a media company providing my technical and professional skills, acquired not only through formal education but also working for different newsrooms and participating in many professional projects, and integrated with a high level of fluency in English and a driven, curious and thorough personality.

I become a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world" 


- Henry Luce



MA Global Journalism and Public Relations
Coventry University - UK
  • Wrote articles for various types of platforms (magazines, news websites, newspapers)

  • Researched and found information for Data Journalism 

  • Video and Audio production and editing using Adobe CC (Premiere Pro, Audition, Indesign)

  • Conducted interviews in person, via social media and phone calls

  • Learnt the Ethical and professional rules of Journalism and the National Journalism Code of Conduct


Hillsborough Community College (HCC), Tampa, FL (United States of America)
  • Examined conflict resolution styles and learnt strategies for more effectively resolving conflicts encountered while living abroad

  • Learnt about and experienced the rich cultural diversity inherent in US communities, with a specific focus on Florida

  • Gained a greater understanding of the United States history, customs, rituals, celebrations, and important holidays and learnt a great deal about the city of Tampa Bay and explored many of the important historical and cultural sites.


IELTS - Advanced English
Manchester Community College, Connecticut (United States of America)

Attended an Advanced course to pass the Academic version of the International English Language Testing System and pass the test afterwards.

BA Communication, Media and Journalism - Political Science
“Cesare Alfieri” University of Florence (ITALY)


  • Developed knowledge needed to use traditional communication tools and govern the many environments defined by digital communication, particularly within journalism

  • Learnt how to effectively manage interpersonal communication

  • Acquired the skills to work in interdisciplinary teams aimed at the implementation of products and communication tools.

  • Wrote a dissertation about Constructive Journalism and how it can be a solution to the journalism crisis.



The Collective Magazine - Freelance writer
Magazine Online

I occasionally write features for this online magazine about current affairs, politics or any other topics based on the requests of the editors, meeting specific deadlines.


Coffee Time Magazine- Blog Editor and Content writer 
Blog online

I personally manage the design and the content of this blog that is aimed at a female and multicultural audience. It is a place where people can reflect on global issues, current affairs, politics but can also find entertaining and cultural content to read during a coffee break.

Radio station - Florence (Italy)


  • Worked alongside a reporting team to develop stories on a daily basis meeting specific deadlines

  • Assisted a professional journalist producing and editing a radio podcast show about local issues

  • Consulted various newspapers and news agencies archives

  • Wrote scripts and articles for radio website

  • Attended editorial meetings

  • Recorded and editing radio interviews with Adobe Audition

  • Managed emails and press releases

News website - Florence (Italy)


  • Wrote an article about a group of activists who denounced the legal abnormalities linked to the ITT (Invitation to Tender) for Waste Management in Tuscany for the radio news website

  • Went out and about, researched and verified sources and information (fact-checking)

News website - Florence (Italy)


  • Wrote news and features about art and culture for local news website 

  • Actively participated in editorial meetings expressing ideas about new stories to run on the cultural section

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